Sleeping Like a Baby with Crystal Cooper PhD, IBCLC

In this 2 Hour LIVE ONLINE Workshop, we'll cover:

  • What to expect in terms of infant sleep

  • Infant sleep cues

  • Infant Sleep Stages

  • How infant sleep patterns change at different developmental stages.

  • How milk regulates infant sleep.

  • What sleep training is and why it might not offer you the results you expect.

  • Practices that meet your baby where they are at developmentally. These techniques won’t train your baby to sleep through the night, but you can expect improved sleep.

  • Safe sleeping

  • Good Sleep Hygiene/Habits

  • What you need to know about creating routines and naps.

  • How to improve sleep without harming your milk supply and without sleep training.

  • Information on getting sleep beyond 6 months.


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