Evidence Based Birth® 6 week Flipped Class

All 6 classes in the series are LIVE VIRTUAL classes where we meet as a group for 1-2 hours.

By taking the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class, you and your partner will not only learn the evidence for your birth options, but you’ll also get to meet with an experienced instructor & midwife along with other parents in the Chicago area who are going through pregnancy and birth just like you!

Savvy Birth 101

Why Evidence Based Birth?

  • Mentoring by Heather McCullough, your very own Evidence Based Birth® Instructor.
  • Learn all about evidence based care, labor comfort measures, and advocacy skills.
  • Get prepared, get answers, get empowered!

Why FLIPPED classroom?

This hybrid class format (in-person and online) provides the convenience of home access to quality Evidence Based Birth® materials and online content. We are acutely aware that modern families are busy and online learning is a fantastic option and even better with the added benefit of local in-person mentorship.


  • Insider info to help stack the odds in your favor, so you can have a GREAT birth experience
  • A detailed Acupressure for Labor + Birth Guide
  • Early parenting videos about breastfeeding, newborn care, + baby soothing techniques

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