312Bonus: Motherboard Birth Planning Tool

[M]otherboard Birth Planning Tool

Watch this tutorial as we walk through how to register and create your individualized birth plans for a powerful communication tool between you and your providers.


[M]otherboard Birth Plan

Video tutorial of [M]otherboard

so much value packed into this powerful website & birthplanning tool Not a current 312Doulas client? This is available for you also! $50 gives you access to this incredible program. What can it be used for? Childbirth Education Refresher Class Diving deeper with your partner or providers Helping you identify what's really important to you AND what the research says

Hello friends, I wanted to share with you how to register for motherboard. We've invited you via email, and there are challenges on their backend in streamlining the process. We're in communication with [M]otherboard, and they're working on it, but they haven't gotten a fix just yet.

The email invite from motherboard to you folks will almost always go to your spam or junk folders -please  search for it there. 

The email is going to be:

mailgun.motherboard.com. Check for that email. Then what you'll be able to do is hit that complete signup button and go on to the next step.

You'll be taken to this web page:


Your token (from our invitation) will be added to the end of that link. I did question marks, but you'll have a token from that invite.

You'll fill out this first page and then you'll go on to the next step. 

Something I just learned is that when I initially tried to register, I used an email that motherboard recognized, and so then I had to go back and re-enter my information, but it had removed the token at the email address and when I scrolled down to the bottom underneath register, it was asking me to pay for $50. So if it says $50, do not go forward. That is not how the program works. Go back to that email, click on your register link and take that token back to this screen, and that will get you in.

Once you've registered, then you will come to this screen to confirm your email address. You should not be surprised that the confirmation email goes to your spam or junk also. So look for it there, and then activate your account. Once you log in, you'll be taken to this blank screen, showing my boards, and at this moment I don't have any boards.

I can create a new board on the top right. One other way that people might do this is by going to their birth plan topics. You can search your topics, for example, vaginal exams or intermittent monitoring, and be taken to those spaces. 

You'll see many of the  birth options, and then scroll down to vaginal birth and cesarean birth or belly birth, postpartum and baby meds.

If I search "vaginal exams," then we'll be brought with vaginal exams in labor and vaginal exams. That's one way to create it. You'll have all of these subsections choosing your care provider, your place of birth, birth team.

So one thing that our clients have been frustrated by is that you can only pin 15 images or 15 icons total. If you feel like you are interested in pinning more of these options for your birth plan, some people have taken these out and done screenshots essentially, and then made their own birth plan in a Word doc or something similar. For our intent and purposes, I'm going to take us to our boards, make a new board, and Heather's vaginal birth.

So at this moment, I have nothing pinned. I also don't have anyone as part of my team. So you'll want to make sure if you would like 312Doulas or your care providers to be able to see  view your board, you will need to

1) pin your selections, and then

2) Invite them by email address.

So the email you would use is [email protected] or [email protected]. Both get to us.

Let's view the topics for labor. I have all of these topics, "choosing care providers", "choosing your place of birth," "birth team," all of that wonderful stuff.

Let's go down to water therapy and birth overview of why water therapy, water labor, and waterbirth is wonderful option for many people and safe. You also have links to websites - it does a wonderful review, why babies don't take a breath while they're under the water, which is a great review. You also have these scrolling sections of statistics =

"reduces cesarean birth by 5% to 16%" 

We can look at Waterbirth facts and the evidence on Waterbirth. So now we can move on to the next topic, or I can navigate using the bar on the left. So perhaps another conversation I might have is eating and drinking.

You've likely heard Victoria and I talk about that as a really important option for people. That is also evidence-based. Evidence shows no benefits or harms, therefore there is no justification for the restriction of fluids and food in labor for women at low risk of complications. You've got research articles, look at all these wonderful research articles here on the right.

I'll choose eating and drinking, and then I might go back to time limits so you get a sense of how this works.

I"ll pin to the board so they show up. So now your Doulas and your care providers will be able to see that. Then you can download or share. If I wanted to add [email protected], send invite, and now we'll get an invitation to your board. And we see those and they do not go to our spam, we see them right away. 

 I just really appreciate how powerful this website is. It really functions almost as a refresher class. So thank you so much for get taking the tour. 

Email Invite: We always send it to you when you first register with us. You might look back at your contract or your invoice, and the day that we sent you the first contract or invoice is likely the day that we sent your motherboard. You can check your spam folder on that date. Hope this guide will answer all your questions.

Remember that it goes to spam or junk,both for your initial email invitation and then also the confirmation of your email address. We hope this is a wonderful tool for you folks and works well as a refresher for our second time clients. And a reminder of things that we talked about in evidence-based birth or Hypnobabies for our first time families. I hope this is helpful.

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